Pricing Warning

Sonic Tattoo has always priced our services fairly for the Niagara Region. Sonic Tattoo has never lowered our prices since we’ve opened accept for student and occasional client discounts. Most potential clients within the St. Catharines are unaware just how low the tattoo and piercing prices are within the Niagara Region. If a client leaves the Niagara Region by only one major city such as Hamilton they would see that tattoo and piercing prices are substantially higher.

There are no pricing rules and regulations within our industry; it’s because of this that it only takes a few tattoo studios to devalue the work of all professional tattoo artists and piercers within the Niagara Region. When tattoo studios permanently lower their prices or hold permanent discounts not only does it devalue the work of the tattoo industry it makes all potential clients think that these prices are acceptable. This makes potential clients of all tattoo studios feel like it’s alright to negotiate tattoo and piercing prices, which is complete ridiculous and unacceptable. We are performing services on clients that require us to use disposable and medical grade supplies for every client while maintaining cleanliness, sterility and professionalism when it comes to your health.

Does that sound like something that would want to gamble with for a cheap tattoo or piercing? If so then don’t come to a tattoo studio because there will always be some scratcher or butcher who will give you a cheap tattoo or piercing from their house.

Tattoo Prices

All of the designs at Sonic Tattoo can be quoted individually by the tattoo artist or by our counter staff. If you have any questions about our tattoo pricing you can feel free to ask any our staff or e-mail us through our contact page.

Per Hour$120

Why a $80 Minimum ?

Sonic Tattoo Inc. upholds the highest standards. We consider ourselves to be the leaders in our industry and will remain to strive for the highest standards in the Niagara Region. Often people ask us why we have a $80.00 minimum charge for tattoos. We have put together this list so you have a better understanding of the service you are receiving at our studio.

Pointer  All of our needles are brand new, pre-sterilized, single use and disposable.
Pointer  All of our pigments are pre-poured into sanitized single use ink caps.
Pointer  All needles and tubes are sealed into separate autoclave pouches and sterilized in a Ritter M9 hospital grade steam autoclave.
Pointer  All needles and tubes remain in their sterilized packaging until they are opened in front of you, the client.
Pointer   All sharps waste such as piercing and tattoo needles are disposed of by Octagon Medical Services who charges to dispose of bio hazardous waste.
PointerTo avoid any possibility of cross contamination, all of our work surfaces are covered with dental bibs and medical drapes prior to being sterilized with a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal surface sterilant after each client as well as several times throughout the day.
PointerAll tattoo machines, clip cords, power supplies and bottles that may be touched during work on a client are covered with disposable poly bags/barriers which are discarded after each client. Each of our artists wear Nitrile gloves (a non latex substance). Latex gloves are no longer considered safe because they break down with prolonged exposure to petroleum products and increased allergies to latex.
PointerTo ensure our autoclave is always running at or above hospital standards, we conduct daily integrator testing and bi-weekly spore testing. The tests are checked and verified by a company called Germiphene Corporation. The results of these tests are always available for your viewing.
PointerTo reassure you about our processes we will explain every step of your procedure so that you feel comfortable in asking any questions. We also are available to you any time you have concerns, question or even comments once the work is finished.
PointerAt Sonic Tattoo Inc., we guarantee all our tattoos. It's completely normal for a tattoo to lose some pigment colour during the healing process. It does not happen to all tattoos, just a small few. Touch-ups are free but you will have to book an appointment 1 year from the date your tattoo was done. Your aftercare sheet is completed with the artists name and date properly filled out on the front.
And….. Always remember, all of our tattoo artists are "artists". A tattoo is art and not to be negotiated, when choosing a tattoo artist, you're looking for a combination of technical and artistic expertise. These are the kind of tattoo artists you'll find at Sonic Tattoo Inc.

Piercing Prices - Appointments Only

All of our piercing prices are listed here for your convenience. If you’re interested in a piercing type that isn’t on our price list, it probably is. Here’s what I mean, if the piercing that you want is similar to one that appears on our list, then that’s what you pay. For example, a Marilyn equals a Labret and a Snug equals a Conch.

If you have any other questions about pricing and piercings you can e-mail us or feel free to ask any of our staff.


Stud$15 + HSTHoop$25 + HST


Helix$25 + HSTRook$40 + HST
Daith$40 + HSTSnug$40 + HST
Conch$40 + HSTTragus$40 + HST
Anti Tragus$40 + HSTIndustrial$50 + HST


Eyebrow$40 + HSTAnti Eyebrow$55 + HST
Erl (bridge)$50 + HSTNostril$40 + HST
Septum$40 + HST  


Lip$40 + HSTJestrum$45 + HST
Vert. Labert$45 + HSTLabert$40 + HST
Monroe$40 + HSTMedusa$40 + HST
Cheek$45 + HSTTongue$45 + HST
Smiley$45 + HSTTongue Web$45 + HST
Frowny$45 + HST  


Nipple$40 + HSTNavel$40 + HST


Surface$55 + HSTDermal Anchor$70 + HST
Skin Diver$50 + HSTGenital (min)$50 + HST

Laser Hair Removal

Prices (per treatment)
Upper Lip$50.00 + HSTChin$50.00 + HST
Neck$50.00 + HSTCheeks$75.00 + HST
Sideburns$75.00 + HSTForehead$75.00 + HST
Temples$50.00 + HSTNose$75.00 + HST
Half Face$150.00 + HSTFull Face$250.00 + HST


Neck$175.00 + HSTNape of Neck$125.00 + HST

Upper Body

Areola                   $75.00 + HST        Sternum$100.00 + HST
Shoulders$150.00 + HSTUnderarms$100.00 + HST
Back Patchesdetermined by size of patch
Hands and Fingers        $125.00 + HST
Feet and Toes        $125.00 + HST
Laser Tattoo Removal

Prices (per treatment) 
$150.00 + HST is our minimum.

(Treatment prices start at $150.00 and go as high as $500.00)

$150.00 + HST = $169.50 (Single Pass)

$200.00 + HST = $226.00 (RT - Repeat Two Times)

$250.00 + HST = $282.50 (R3 - Repeat Three Times)

$300.00 + HST = $339.00 (R20 - Repeat Four Times)

All clients receive a free ice pack and antibiotic ointment with their first session and free antibiotic ointment with all subsequent sessions.

Consultations are required for pricing to be given. We do consultation either in person or via email as long as detail photos of the tattoo are included.

Special Pricing

Consultations are required for all treatment pricing.

All Tattoo Artists and Piercers from within and out of the Niagara Region are guaranteed special pricing on all tattoo removal and tattoo fading.

NOTE: Special Pricing is only available to Tattoo Artists and Piercers that work for reputable tattoo studios that have been inspected by the Niagara Region Public Health Board or any other regional health public health board.